Interior Renders

Render examples from my time working in Baker & Baker kitchens as the in-house 3D renderer, taking client’s kitchen designs and rendering them as photorealistic as possible to eliminate any of the guesswork in the design process, essential for such high value commissions.

Above: Modeled design based on how we expected the
kitchen to look.

Left: Finished result of kitchen after installation and clients

Below: Fully furnished kitchen Models of client concepts.


Aero Compliance Plus is an air-safety advice and legal constancy group. The
project covered almost every aspect of the ACP brand, and involved alot of
1 to 1 meetings with the board. They especially like the sweeping design that’s prominent throughout.

Jeffrey Knight is a clock artist who was very open to design and concept of his brand, but he took a shining to the mint green colourscheme. We made a very visual brand working with the intricate designs. I built the online shop around it and set it up so that he can manage every product and their content.

Haverhill annual beer weekend website designed around the brand logo & colours, also designed from scratch for the client.