Vehicle 3D modelling & renders

Specter Spy Car
Spectre Spy Car in photorealistic render
Photorealistic render of a from scratch Spy car vehicle concept “Specter”. Designed in Autodesk Maya for an Unreal engine 4 driving game.
Above; Rendered in Solidedge Arnold renderer
Below; Rendered in Unreal engine 4.

Spectre Spy car rear mounted gadgets    Spectre Spy car forward mounted gadgets   Spectre Spy car underside gadgets


Greenville Police Interceptor
Crown Vic Greenville Interceptor

In-game render of the Unity game project “The Manipulators” (top down real time strategy). Replica 1990’s Crown Victoria police interceptor with livery for fictional local police force. Vehicle had to be both a very efficient low polygon model, while still having layers that load in depending on what doors are open and what condition the vehicle is in.

Crown Vic Greenville Interceptor doors open